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RES12VL (2019)<br>(RII) Remote Ignition Interrupter (2-way radio kit)

RES12VL (2019)
(RII) Remote Ignition Interrupter (2-way radio kit)

$ 490.00 $ 510.00

    • For use with Monster Trucks, Boats, and other race vehicles
    • Allows you to control your vehicle up to 1/4 mile away (line of sight)
    • 2-Way communication confirms that the receiver has received the signal. Includes automatic re-transmission of commands if the signal was not received
    • Transmitter indicates RUN or OFF status of the receiver
    • Includes an internal 8-ampere relay. It can be used in normally-open or normally-closed configuration. For more current, attach to our external relay kit
    • Works with most ignition systems but NOT compatible with Magneto ignitions.
    • Compatible with Magneto ignitions systems
    • Includes two 5-ampere solid state switches for control of two other items. One is normally open and one is normally closed.
    • Standard kit can be powered from standard vehicle electrical systems from 12-14 volt DC.
    • 100% Designed and Made in the U.S.A.

    • Vibration Damper - Reduces up to 33% of vibration to receiver.
  • Kit can be customized for specific uses. Please contact our Technical Team

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