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2-Lane Remote Ignition Interrupter (2-way radio kit)

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  • This version has an A/B (red/yellow) lane switch.  The receiver can respond to one of three conditions:
    • 1) Personal code only
    • 2) Lane A master and personal code
    • 3) Lane B master and personal code. 
  • Includes two output wires for connection to exterior lane lights.
    • Allows you to control your vehicle up to 1/4 mile away (line of sight)
    • 2-Way communication confirms that the receiver has received the signal when using your personal coded transmitter.
    • Includes automatic re-transmission of commands if not confirmed by the receiver.
    • Transmitter indicates OFF or RUN status of the receiver when using your personal coded transmitter.
    • Includes an internal 8-ampere relay (if you need to switch more current, please use our external relay kit).  It can be used in normally-open or normally-closed configuration.
    • Approved for use with MSD Electronics Points Box, Pro Mag 12, Pro Mag 44 and more.
    • Standard kit can be powered from standard automotive electrical systems 12-14 volt DC.  Optional kit for 12-24 volt DC.
    • You may need a wiring diagram for installation in your specific application; available through your dealer or repair manual.
    • Made in the U.S.A.